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You Are Not The Only One...

We all have questions and most of the time it's the same question. Whether you are new to the community or have lived in the community for several years, questions often arise that need immediate answers. We've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions from our residents. After reviewing this list and you still need answers, please feel free to email the OHNA Board of Directors.

Q.  I want to make improvements to my property. Are there limitations to what I can do and who do I need to inform?

A.  ONHA welcomes improvements that make our community better. If you are considering any type of enhancement to the exterior of your home or your property, please review the OHNA Covenants and OHNA Architectural Guidelines.  These documents are available under the Neighborhood tab at the top of the screen.  If applicable, complete the Application for Improvement form. 

Q.  How do I get involved with OHNA?

A.  The more the merrier. OHNA is a voluntary-run organization and welcomes any and all residents who wish to support our efforts. However, in order to participate you must be a member of the OHNA. If you are interested in becoming involved, please complete the form and a member. The form is the Join tab at the top of the screen.  

Q.  Are OHNA dues required?
A.  Membership with OHNA is voluntary. However, members do receive exclusive benefits including social events, opportunities to serve on a committee and/or board of directors and more. Annual dues are $205/annually and due in January.

Q.   When is trash service for Oakland Hills?


Q.  What if I have an issue that needs to be addressed by the OHNA board? 

​A.  Please contact the board of directors with your issue by completing the Application for Assistance form.

Q. How do I get a street light fixed in Oakland Hills?

A. Street light requests need to made to AES at  or residents may email the OHNA board to report the issue. Please do not wait until the street light bill arrives to report the issue. Requests should be made as soon as the issue is noticed.


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