Street Captains

Each street in Oakland Hills has an assigned Street Captain. These Street Captains are your local contacts for any issues or questions you may have and should usually be the first point of contact. Your Street Captain should be contacting you soon after you arrive in your neighborhood.


STREET                                                                  STREET CAPTAIN


Oakland Hills Circle                                                  Mary Mueller


Oakland Hills Ct                                                        Barb Bade


Oakland Hills Dr                                                        Jane France


Royal Oakland Dr & Ct –75thSt                                  Aggie Binkley


Royal Oakland Dr – 63rd St                                        Amy Potter


Royal Oakland Place                                                  Helen Belitz


Royal Oakland Way                                                   Chris Lawson


Ravenna Way                                                            Carol Morris

Bentgrass Dr & Ct                                                      Dee Peer

Turfgrass Way                                                            Maritza Johnson


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