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It's Party Time...July 11

Make plans to attend the OHNA Annual Summer Party! The OHNA Board of Directors is busy confirming all of the details but we promise to make this event as much fun as last year's. Check back often for updated details!


Save the Date:

July 11

Old Oakland Golf Club

6:30 - ?

Open to all Oakland Hill residents and familly friendly.


OHNA Nights at Old Oakland

Old Oakland Golf Club is Hosting OHNA Nights!


Tuesday, May 5th is Cinco de Mayo!


$4.50 Margaritas, $3 Coronas and $3.50 Glasses of House Wine!


From 6-8pm, we’ll offer a festive Mexican buffet. $10.99/pp


Tour the Clubhouse and ask questions about our social membership!



Thursday, May 21st is $10 Steak Night!


Come join us for a 6 oz. Steak, your choice of potato and a side salad for just $10!


While enjoying your steak dinner, try one of our new $4 Martinis!


Skip the brownie sundae and have a Godiva Chocolate Dessert Martini!


See you there!


Real or Fake Holiday Tree?


The day after Thanksgiving was our family’s annual Christmas Tree Cutting Day!  While our son belted out “Frosty the Snowman,” (over and over and over)  our children ran from one tree to the next to see if IT would be the one we would cut down and take home.  Those special memories were a gift we gave each other and have recorded on video tapes that have now been transferred to DVDs.  Today we have an artificial tree, and I just realized that many families have never had those memories.  The question is, “Should you buy a Real Tree vs an Artificial Tree? “  Read the following facts from the DNR and you decide.


Real Christmas Tree

  • Is the more “eco-friendly” choice

  • Takes about 7 years to grow, but during that time it is absorbing carbon dioxide and filtering air of particulate matter and releasing oxygen

  •  Is a renewable resource and biodegradable natural resource

  •  Provides watershed protection and an excellent habitat for songbirds and wildlife

  • Is a crop that remains green and growing all year

  • When harvested nationally, 2-3 seedlings are planted

  • Can be converted into mulch after the holidays

  • Smells great and provides great video memories (my addition)


Artificial Tree

  • Is  made of non-renewable recourses (plastic material, PVC, and is a potential source of lead

  • Averages 7 years of use before ending up in a landfill indefinitely

  • 85% are made in China

  • Needs to be stored somewhere and assembled each year (my addition)


To read the whole article, go to


You may also want to visit the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association at


 Purdue Extension has a free publication,

Tips for First-time Buyers of Real Christmas Trees, available at The Education Store

For tips on choosing and caring for a live tree, check out


The Lawson Family wishes each of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAY, and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! 


It's an OHNA Tailgate Party - October 26





Come watch the Colts smash the Steelers with your OHNA family at the Old Oakland Golf Club on October 26. This event is exclusively for 2014 OHNA members. The Oakland Hills Neighborhood  ssociation Board of Directors invites you to watch the game with your fellow OHNA members! Come dressed in your Colts blue! Kids are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes too!



Tailgate Appetizers – The best football food offered at the club!


Kid Friendly – Bring the kids dressed up in their Halloween costume or Colts blue! Plus, special activities including candy, games and more are planned for the kids.
Community – Sunday fun day with your neighbors! Keep up on what’s going on in the neighborhood, learn how you can get involved, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the game with free food and cash bar!



What: Indoor Tailgate Party for OHNA Members

When: October 26
 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (or until game ends)

Where: Old Oakland Golf Club

Why: Enjoy a day of football and friends on the many TVs in the new clubhouse

Who: 2014 Oakland Hills Neighborhood Association Members*

 *If you haven’t paid your dues for 2014 and wish to take part in the fun, join us on 10/26 and pay your dues onsite at the event.



YOUR NEXT PLAY…            

This event is for 2014 OHNA members only. Please RSVP with total attending by October 23 at Please include name of each person attending and the age of children attending.


September Lawn and Garden Tips

Now is the perfect time in Indiana to address our lawns. Well tended lawns help make our neighborhood attractive and increase our property values.  Do you have questions about how to improve your lawn, when to over-seed, when to fertilize, or how to prevent weeds?  Where can you get the answers to your questions? 


Purdue University offers many publications that can be downloaded from the site below. Most of them are FREE! Just search on your computer, Purdue Lawns, and go to the site for Turfgrass Science at Purdue University. 


Click on Home Owner Lawn Help.  You will find multiple publications on each of the following topics.  See link below.


We have listed the main categories and two examples in each area.


How to Establish Lawn Areas from Seed (AY-3-W)

Putting in a Backyard Putting Green (AGRY-98-01)


Maintaining a Home Lawn

7 Simple Steps to a Better Home Lawn (AW-32-W)

Don’t Bag It (AY-2W)


Weed Control

Control of Broadleaf Weeds (AY-9-W)

Identification and Control of Perennial Grassy Weeds (AY-11-W)


Disease Control

Turfgrass Disease Profile on Brown Patch (BP-106-W)

Turfgrass Disease Profile on Powdery Mildew (BP-111-W)


Insect Control

Ants (E-22-W)

Moles (ADM-10-W)


Pesticide Information

Pesticides and Pest Prevention Strategies for the Home, Lawn, and Garden (PPP-34)

Pesticide Safety and Calibration Math for the Homeowner (PPP-39)


Read more.

How To Report a Street Light Issue

 We are often asked by residents the steps necessary to report a street light being out. However, the question isn't asked until the actual bill arrives which delays the process. We thought we'd post the "how to" on our blog to help residents with these request to take action right away. 


How to Report a Street Light Issue:

Complete the online form on IPL's website. You will need the pole number and location.


Come One. Come All - 2014 OHNA Party




Door prizes, appetizers, beverages, live music, kid activities, and more! Are you ready to have some fun with your neighbors? Bring your entire family for a fun night hosted by the Oakland Hills Neighborhood Association at the Old Oakland Golf Club.


The Oakland Hills Neighborhood Association Board of Directors is throwing a community party on July 26! Complimentary appetizers, beverages, and live music will be provided. Helps us make this the best OHNA party and join us on July 26.




            Live Music – Featuring Tobias!

Door Prizes – Want a chance to when a free social membership to Old Oakland, how about a gift certificate to a  local restaurant? We are giving out door prizes from 7:00 – 8:30. No strings attached!

Food Vouchers* - $10 voucher to spend at Old Oakland on food and drinks. This is in addition to the complimentary items provided by OHNA. *Vouchers are only available to paying members of OHNA for 2014. However, if you are not a member and join on July 26, you will receive a $20 voucher!

Kid Friendly – Bring the kids! Free face painting and balloon tricks by Abracadabra! 

New Friends – It pays to know the people you live by! What better way to get to know the residents of Oakland Hills than at a social event that is safe and fun for the entire family?


THE 411…

What: 2014 OHNA Community Party
When: July 26, 6:30 – 9:30p.m.
Where: Old Oakland Golf Club
Why: Meet your neighbors, have a little fun, and take a break and enjoy!
Who: Oakland Hills Community Residents (All are welcome, not just OHNA members.) However, there are perks available onsite to OHNA members who attend!



Please email to  RSVP by July 23 with the number attending. 


We hope to see you and your entire family on July 26. Have a great weekend.

Take Your Garden To The Next Level - What To Do In July!

​Keeping a garden up is hard work. We asked the experts at the Purdue Extension to offer tips on how to make your garden flourish in July. Check out these tips below:


  • New plants need 1 to 1 ½ inch of water every week to 10 days.  Water at the base of the plant and let the water penetrate deeply into the soil instead of sprinkling frequently and lightly.

  • Apply mulch around plants to help conserve moisture and to control weeds.

  • Do not make a volcano mulch pile around the bottom of your trees.  This is bad for the tree and encourages pests to enter the tree.  Mulch around the tree, but keep the mulch way from the trunk.

  • Container-grown plants may still be planted, but you must keep them well-watered.

  • Do not plant bare-root or ball-and-burlap stock at this time of year.

  • To keep insects under control, continue fruit tree spraying program.

  • Remove water sprouts (sprouts from the trunk) and suckers (sprouts from the roots) from fruit trees.

  • Prop up branches of fruit trees that are heavily loaded with fruit.

  • Pinch off faded rose blossoms. Continue rose spray program


HINT:  There are many landscape plants for shady areas.   Check out the Landscape Horticulture (HO-22) publication from Purdue Extension for a list of Groundcovers, Vines, Shrubs, and Trees for Shady Areas.


Hints for your lawn and gardens are shared from Steve Mayer, Horticulturist at Purdue Extension of Marion County. To obtain publications (numbers in parentheses) contact the Extension Office at 275-9292 or e-mail    



It's Party Time! Save the Date!

You're invited! The OHNA Board of Directors wants all Oakland Hills residents to take a break and enjoy the benefits of being a part of such a great community!  Join us on July 26 at the Old Oakland Golf Club for a night of music, drinks, food and more. We encourage you to bring your entire family. Watch for more details coming soon in your email and on this site. Questions? Contact us at See you in July! 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

First week of June

  • Watch for and control Japanese beetle adults on landscape plants. (E-75))

  • Apply insecticides containing halofenozide or imidacloprid to prevent grub damage in lawns. (E-61)

  • Check plants weekly for newly hatched bagworms.  If found, treat with a biological insecticide such as spinosad.  (E27)

  • Finalize fall vegetable garden plans, as some planting begins this month. (HO-66)

Second week of June

  • Check pines for pine needle scale. If detected, treat with summer oil or other labeled insecticide. ((E-29)

  • Kill crabgrass in bed and borders with post-emergent, selective grass herbicides containing Sethoxydim or Fluazifop-butyl. (HO-217)

  • To control blossom end rot on tomatoes, provide even moisture, use mulch and avoid excessive nitrogen. (BP-13)

  • Control yellow nutsedge in your lawn before more tubers form.  Use a product with halosulfuron or sulfosulfuron. (AGRY-98-04)

Third week of June

  • Check for Japanese beetles weekly. Pick off and destroy early-arriving beetles to help reduce injury to plants. (E75)

  • Don’t raise the mower’s blade height for summer.  It can cause plant stress. (AY-8)

  • If birds pose a problem, protect ripening cherries with netting. (HO-9)

Fourth week of June

  • Annual flowers may need additional applications of fertilizer every four to six weeks. (HO-99)

  • If rhubarb plants are more than 4 years old, you can harvest them for eight – 10 weeks.  Stop harvesting and fertilize if weak, spindly stalks appear. (HO97)


HINT: Remember to hand water your flowers and vegetables early in the day. Water at the base of the plants, and keep the leaves dry to help prevent diseases.  Drip systems and soaker hoses also work well. 


Hints for your lawn and gardens are shared from Steve Mayer, Horticulturist at Purdue Extension of Marion County. To obtain publications (numbers in parentheses) contact the Extension Office at 275-9292 or e-mail      


Calling All Residents! Get Your Sales Hat On

Mark yoru calendars! Our annual community garage sale is scheduled for May 3 from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. The garage sale is going to be held in conjunction with the River Oaks community. Start planning now. We will be placing advertising in Craigslist and placing signs as it gets closer. 

Oakland Hills Is Getting An Upgrade

Spring is near and it's time for the community entrances to get an upgrade. Beginning in May, we will begin work with Greenview, Inc. and Custom Touch Irrigation to update our irrigation system and rain sensors. This includes replacing old hardware with our current system and adding new irrigation zones to the Sunnyside and Ravenna Way entrances.  


These upgrades will make our community landscaping better as well as cut down on our water bills over time. 

2014 Annual Meeting Success

On 2.17, the OHNA held its annual meeting and welcomed more than 15 residents. Topics of the night included a new website launching in May, board elections and discussions surrounding social events and more.  If you weren't able to attend and would like to review the minutes, please email us to recieve a copy.

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